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Jo’s Knickers

At last for March 1st, here’s an horizontal image. We’re gradually working through my obsessions (er…obviously, since this my blog), so next up, Doctor Who, the greatest TV show ever devised. And here’s an image of the greatest Doctor Who of all, Jon Pertwee, with his lovely assistant Josephine Grant, as played by Katy Manning. Your first Doctor is your favourite, it’s said, and I first saw Jo and the Doctor in action against the Sea Devils in a Christmas Omnibus edition of 27th December 1972. So good; next was The Three Doctors and I was hooked 4 life, as Jeremy Deller might say.

The Doctor and Jo in the TARDIS control room, Slowdazzle Worldwide 1998

This card was given to me as a 4th Anniversary present (along with something else, I’m sure) by my wife, so I’m dating it to 1998. It’s number 19 from a series of 32 and I’m sure she got it at Forbidden Planet when the store was in New Oxford St. As any fule kno this is a shot from The Time Monster (also 1972) since Jo is wielding her impressive TARDIS-sniffer-outer.

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